The Farr Hydro Loop

A 5 mile walk with uphill and down hill sections. Takes about one and a half hours.

Head out the front door and down the back drive. Turn left onto the road passing the loch on your right. Keep walking up the road until cross the bridge (old low building on your right).

Just before the cattle grid but after the bridge turn left through a wooden gate. Follow the path up to the forestry road and then turn left.

Walk along the track and pass Farr Hydro on your right. Then keep walking until you see a track to the left – head down this path towards the forestry.

Follow the path until you reach a blue metal gate on your left. Go through this gate and cross the river.

You can now walk down towards the road. Turn left when you reach the road and then left through a gate on the left after you have passed Farr Mains driveway.

This path takes you through two gates and along an old driveway and back towards Farr House.