The Farr Mains Loop

An easy flat walk but need to climb over a gate. Takes about 30 minutes.

Head round to the back of the house, where the kitchen is, and follow the driveway towards the large copper beech tree. Follow the slope that leads downwards to the left of the tennis court.

Below the tennis court you will see an old wooden hen house on your left and an old iron gate beyond it.

Through this gate is the rushy park – there is a path that you can follow along the stream (Allt Dubhach burn).

Keep following the burn through a gate and down a forest path to a gate that is tied shut. Climb over this gate into a sheep field and head left to cross the field and find a gate onto another forest path to your left. This gate can be opened and once through it follow the path back through the old driveway which is lined with beech trees.

At the end of the path you will go through another iron gate and then can turn right down the path and onto the Farr House driveway or turn left and retrace your steps down the side of the rushy park.